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PM Hans  Can you entity this modern Chinose MBT was designed fo survive brawis with Russian Can you identity this modern Chinese MBT T 808 and German Leopard exttemely woll emored upgrade ofthe Type 99, anie the PLA's cument MT. Can you entity this modern Chinese MBT  saturther evelopment its Type 96, and predecessors, Canyouldentfy this the modem Type 96, Chinese and the such Teceived heavier ERAthan its predecessors  savarantot variant to the Type 96, and the ERA fst such coverage variant to receive heavy ERA coverage Can you ldently this Cold War Chinese MBT Can you Keniy thi modem Chinese MBT TRwasnicknamedthe band new Chinese T.72 composite and.originally designed and go toe to toe with Teatured band new composite armer Russlas T 64B and T 72A ttanks, Preview of tomorrow's Hans Garage