Biztattoo  JEVDViI82jJ ID A7cetvue  No.28477217 Hello biz , I am here to make a dark covenant. If I reach 7 figures, i WILL get a crypto tattoo on my asscheek. The plan is for this covenant to please the crypto gods and give me these funds. I KB JPG just need to figure out what the tattoo will actually be. Dubs decides what my tattoo will be if I hit 7 figures needs to be biz related . PS The trip is so I can deliver, whenever that would happen biztattoo JEVDViI82jJ ID A7CENvuB  No.28477285 8 figures and I will get one on my forehead.  Anonymous ID  No.28477453  28477217 OP  if dubs you get this one 47 KB JPG  28477555   28478472   Anonymous ID No.28477552  28477217 OP  B*G  Anonymous ID  No.28477555  28477453  ah sorry anon I let you down  28477878  28477609   28477616   28477671   284777