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Larry King American television host OVERVIEW INTERVIEWS MOVIES ANDTV SHOWS NEWS Talk show host Larry King dies at 87 yahoogLentertainment Larry King, legendary talk Larry King, televisi show host, dies at 87 legend, dies at age 2 hours ago 7 hours ago Dam  Dam meme
Ashley Roberts Singer OVERVIEW ALBUMS MOVIES EVENTS TV SHO al Ashley Allyn Roberts is an American singer, dancer, actress, model, and television personality. She is a member of the American pop girl group and dance ensemble The Pussycat Dolls. In 2014, Roberts released her debut solo studio album, Butterfly Effect. Wikipedia Born 2013 age 8 years Music groups The Pussycat Dolls Since 2003, The Pussycat Dolls Movies Make It Happen, Carmen Electra's Advanced Aerobic Striptease, Dancing on Ice, more Albums Doll Domination, Butterfly Effect, PCD, Pussycat Dolls Greatest Hits meme
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S LNDaF S Media Consolidation THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE Media has never been more consolidated. 6 media giants now control a staggering of what we read, watch, or listen to. CONSOLIDATION media was owned by 50 chat vame companies controlled by companies THESE SIK COMPANIES ARE 232 MEDIA EXECUTIVES CONTROL, THE INFORMATION DIET OF 277 THE MILLION AMERICANS INPORMATION TOTAL 2010 REVENUE FOR THE BIG WAS. $275.9 BILLION That's 496 billlon more enough to every buy and the government than Finland's GDP. NPL time allot of General Motors TELEVISION Comoast's NBC merger guarantaes Control ofeverys Monopoly of US. markets hours of talovisionI Mee and Chicago NEWS 178 MILLION UNIQUE USERS READ TIME WARNER NEWS EVERY MONTH NEWS CORP OWNS THE TOP NEWSPAPER ON 3 CONTINENTS 2010, they avolded 6875 mi
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Russia Was Forced to Expel EU Diplomats for Going to Illegal Protests, Foreign Ministry Says GMT 07.02.2021 updated 33 Subscribe Google News MOSCOW Sputnik  A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday defended the expulsion of three diplomats from Germany, Poland and Sweden for taking part in illegal protests, saying they forced Russia's hand. Unfortunately, we had to take action  which was absolutely forced on us  and expel diplomats from three EU countries for taking part in unsanctioned events, Maria Zakharova said on Russian television. The diplomats were personae non gratae on Friday and ordered to leave shortly, after the ministry accused them of participating in pro opposition rallies on 23 January. Thousands took part in two straight weekends of protests following the
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