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1 1 i Sa 415 i 1 Bls Ali Qa Bs Sis Ba Bi Bi Sw Bi Bies ws 4 Bi 1 Gi Ba Ba Si Pi Bi GME Institutions Hold 177% of Float Why the Squeeze is not Squoze MODS please do not delete This is actual DD of just statistical, cold hard facts. My previous post got deleted, if this one does too, spread the word. Lhave access to Bloomberg Terminal with up to date data as of February 5 on institutional holdings. Institutions currently hold 177% of the float How is this even possible to own more than 100% of the float Here's an example of one of the most likely causes of distorted institutional holdings percentages. Let's assume Company XYZ has 20 million shares outstanding and Institution A owns all 20 million. In a shorting transaction, institution B borrows five million of these shares from Institution

Al LTE PM 67%  and  RR What are the origins of your username *704 310 Share BEST COMMENTS 12 Awards When I played WoW, way back in the day, I had a raidleader named Shawn. Now, Shawn was a really nice guy and our crew was pretty tight internet friends. Shawn had speech impediment and would regularly say the phrase Guys its time to get sewious , stumbling over his r's Unknown to the guild at the time, Shawn had terminal cancer. He eventually stopped showing up to raid nights, and after he died, in accordance to wishes, his father came into Vent one night to tell everyone. I named every character i made after that some variation of the word sewious , that way no matter what group I was with they would audibly say something like Hey, Sewious pick up the adds , and it became a way that I honor

All Images News Maps Shopping All Regions Safe Search Moderate Any Time New York Rabbi Arrested for Selling Thousands of Foreskins NY NEW YORK NEW YORK RABBI ARRESTED FOR SELLING THOUSANDS OF FORESKINS ON CRAIGSLIST A New York rabbi known for his ultra Orthodox stance on circumcision is facing charges stemming from a number of complaints received by the New York Police Department. New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins Rabbi Aaron Zayin was arrested last week after exchanging messages with a federal agent posing as a Craigslist user interested in purchasing fresh baby foreskins, according to the criminal complaint. New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins Rabbi Zayin is believed to have sold an estimated 5,200 foreskins since 2015 when he started selli

Tho pot 1 an shove that Passcode will say that you Sector Loot 4 Terminal Chapter Pas be Courier as well Radio ow Enclave Field Operations Loot from Chapter Frontier WCR Recruitment Brochure  ME 13 ming 2 how's ago bitches aint shit, come see my friend play new vegas, support him  bitches aint shit, come see my friend play new vegas, support him memes

Anonymous I 749949132 2min. ago coo 22.8 kB JPG Be me, 25 gf works w the police force, so do i we make a list of kinky shit we want to do in our life. last week at check up get told I have terminal cancer family and of devastated remember list tell of we should do the top kinky thing on the list gf wants to have sex in the sewers mfw whatever, only 3 months to live anyway sneak out at night go to sewers have sex lets me cum in her shit was cash moral of the story is fuck the police coming straight from the underground memes

So my husband joined the army but he told me one night he really felt like a marine instead based off the internet stuff he saw. So I suggested he get marine corps camo with the US Army tape He did this tattoo just for me. Marines are soldiers too So proud of him. That makes me a Marine Soldier too. Marine Corps Times Army Times ASMDSS The Salty Soldier Decelerate Your Life Terminal Lance memes

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Google the siege and investiture of baror  and  All Shopping Images News Mi there's good reason these tables  and  Al Images Shopping News Mr There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You The Siege and Just Haven't Thought of It Yet Investiture of Baron Song by Panic At The Disco yon Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria Song by Blue Oyster Cult Overview Lyrics Listen People als On the terminal point Of the cul de sac Patients are dying The horses are dazed From the glare of stars The starry wisdom Owned by the Baron And he's got the cure Overview Lyrics Listen Analysis oo Panic At The YouTube Disco  There's A Good R  YouTube A drug by the name of World Without End A drug by the name of World Without End A drug by the name of World Without End Lyrics Please. leave all over coats.

Brassica oleracea  VB   Selection Selection Selection Selection Selection Selection for terminal for lateral for stem for leaves for stems for flower buds buds and flowers clusters Cabbage  Brussels Kohlrabi Kale Broccoli Cauliflower sprouts This is basically how Jews bred white peoples. That's why we have different types of white people. Brassica oleracea is Africa basically.  This is basically how Jews bred white peoples. That's why we have different types of white people. Brassica oleracea is Africa basically memes