T Mobile Wi Fi and AM 62% x TSLA21 0129C Q Position Details Tax Lots Most Recent Value $55,925.00 5.000 Contracts $27,926.57 99.74% Change Since Purchase Change Since Last Close $21,825.00 % Change Since Last Close 64.00% Cost Basis Total $27,998.43 Most Recent Price $116.11 Previous Price $68.25 Previous Value $34,125.00 Currency USD meme
Hello I wanted to ask the advice of anyone who sees this. My boyfriend got a job working with Tesla recently, and after nine months of dating, I pushed him to take the job. The issue is, I will now be living on my own, but my livelihood was Destroyed by Covid. I was able to get a job with DoorDash, but haven't been able to work enough each month car trouble to be able to afford even a room for let. However, due to all the trouble in the country, I've decided that staying in one place Wouldn't be safe for me. I'm planning on purchasing a sizable used car with good gas mileage, putting a mattress in the back, and traveling the country for the year or so that he will be working. The company will only pay all expenses including our current lease and travel expenses if he goes alone. What do yo