Dean, mo emt ng to be  res ed to shoot Vor ex. astead, he shot her best fr end, Rosa.  Vortex held Moriah as she took her final breaths. Dean, wanting Vortex to die slowly, grabbed her sword and chopped off her left arm.  Before dying, she used her powers to keep her arm attached to her torso. Dean was already gone, hiding away. Vortex found him on a cliff over the ocean. They promised to duel. If Vortex won, Dean would be killed and Moriah's death would be avenged. If Dean won, Vortex would be killed. The evidence of him being a killer would be destroyed.  Dean managed to shoot her twice before finding that his gun was out of bullets. He tackled Vortex, pulling out a knife and slashing at her face. He managed to get two, one next to her eye, and one on her cheek and her neck. The rest of
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