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Item SCP 3168 Object Class Safe Special Containment Procedures SCP 3168 is to be kept in a standard inanimate object containment locker at Area 12. Research proposals involving the use of SCP 3168 must be made in writing to site command. Unless required for authorized experimentation or study, instances of SCP 3168 1 are to be euthanized by the time they are three years old the remains of instances of SCP 3168 1 that are not required for experimentation or study are to be incinerated. Description SCP 3168 is a Russian matryoshka 7 layer nesting doll, which induces anomalous mutations in the offspring of the domestic chicken Gallus gallus domesticus . When a female chicken 'hen' mates or is artificially inseminated while within approximately a 3 meter radius of SCP 3168, and then lays ferti
Better things are possible The Republican Party will keep getting worse bc their cycle is pandering to their most insane supporters, who eventually replace them for not being insane enough. Like that bug that gives birth and lets the offspring eat her so they can survive memes