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Uh No Noi do not Then I'll leave you alone One thing that's it Uhhh That depends Tell me what it is and then i will decide Read homestuck What it's a webcomic Read homestuck or I'll do something really bad Tfw blackpilled again delivered Grooming attempt is failed  Grooming attempt is failed memes
YOU EVER HEARD THE jesseitzler  TRUE STORY Years ago I bought into a horse with a bunch of friends. It was a one time thing we did strictly for fun. TB was part of the group. We named the horse GUTS . Anyway. the horse came in in it's first 3 races which is absolutely AMAZING and we were convinced we had something special. OCES SPORTS HQ phone Bradytards Right after the next race I called TB to give him the results from the track. I said Great news. Guts came in second again*. The phone went silent Finally, after a long break Tom said This is terrible said Terrible There were like 10 other quality horses and we came in second Brady said Jesse. this horse needs to understand what it's like to win said Tom ats a horse He said it doesn't matter what it is memes