David Jurmann One Night in Miami 2020 kkk Watched January 21, 2021 Now this is how you do a play adaptation. One Night in Miami takes the very simple premise of some really influential figures who are sitting in a hotel room one night in Miami, in the year 1964, and discuss how they individually contribute to the civil rights movement and the responsibility they carry because of it. This is a movie that really could have gotten boring very quickly because it's essentially just four men talking ina hotel room for nearly an hour and a half of the film's two hour runtime. But director Regina King does a fantastic job of making each scene feel interesting and engaging in some manner. The script allows for each character to get a shining moment in the spotlight but never gives one too much to t
Abby abbemart left voicemails for my students parents yesterday and woke up to this email ww You got da wrong digits inbox Jimm Ujj Jan 4 tome v Yo you called me about some girl in yo class and I ain't got no daughter just yet so I'm afraid you got got da wrong digits but you gave me baddy vibes through the phone so do not be shy dialing up these digits again maybe I could take you for some spaghetti or Something meme
Dad designs line of swimwear for trans girls named after his own daughter These bikini bottoms could be a game changer for transgender tweens and teens. SHARE THIS f Jan. 21, 2021, PM EST  Source TODAY By Allison Slater Tate After watching his own daughter Ruby, 12, struggle to find bikini bottoms that made her feel both comfortable and confident as a transgender girl, Toronto dad Jamie Alexander decided to solve the problem himself. Alexander created a new clothing brand, Rubies, with the specific goal of producing form clothing for transgender children up to a size 20. His first product meme
Gina Carano Retweeted Deadline Hollywood DEADLINE Gina Carano Hits Back, Announces New Movie Project With Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire  They Can't Cancel Us If We Do not Let Them Gina Carano Hits Back, Announces New Movie Project With Ben Shapiro's Less than 24 hours after her explosive ouster from The Mandalorian for incendiary social media posts, Carano is lining up a new movie. This the most down bad downgrade a person could make  This the most down bad downgrade a person could make  meme
Silence Rick and Morty watcher Zuccinator 9 97 Why are you unsmiling what you fail to understand, to fear the unknown is to die a coward Zuccinator 1 So instead of fearing the unknown you make up idiotic fairytales that placate you and soothe your brainwashed dumbass. How embarrassing for you. ll wasr't the one that made it up, God did cringe Zuccinator Silence Rick and Morty watcher CH Zuccinator Yeah you're cringe. Please do not procreate. The world needs fewer retards like you init. ImAnAssholeForSayingThis That was a direct attack instead of an argument silly goose Zuccinator Read your original comment and realize you're a hypocrite and have no argument. imAnAssholeForSayingThis Correct me if I'm wrong but my argument was that God made up the fairy tales, please relax dude Zuccinator m
Nintendo ff Nintendo Switch v News Rev I Nintendo Switch I Super Smash Bros I Halo I Ex Halo Composer Would Love To Work With Nintendo If Master Chief Joins Smash Ultimate Nintendo asked me that'd be great by Ryan Craddock Interestingly, it turns out that former Halo composer Martin O'Donnell would snap up the chance to work on music for the character should Nintendo want to work with him Banjo Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope was drafted in to create new music for Smash Ultimate, so this definitely isn't out of the question. Do not do that. Do not give me hope meme