The first time I made my father cry asked my dad it have ever made him ery in front of me botore, bacause do not remember ever seving him cry. He sald, Once. He told me that when was 3 years old, lid outa en, a dolar, and a toy of some soti front fof me, He wanted to see wich one would pick represents what you'l value most ten you grow up, Like the pen is, etotigence, money, is wel, money, and the toy fun, He was jst doing out of curiosity and boredom. was interesting for him to see which one I'd pick anyway He said that just sat thore and stared atthe iems. He sat cross from me and waited pateatly According o him, erawled towards thom, he held his breath, and pushed everything aside and went right int his arms. He didn't realize that ne was one ofthe cholces. And that was the fest, and th

SINCE 1828 Q 1828 anarchy I a nar k nair Definition of anarchy absence of government State of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority the city's descent into anarchy utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government absence or denial of any authority or established order anarchy prevailed in the war zone absence of order DISORDER not manicured plots but a wild anarchy of nature Israel Shenker Ad Ad 5 Ster Motor Accident Lawyers Yahoo Search Open meme

GAKGATHORK hey there is a scary heart shaped entity near you oh god what should i do dont worry will call gargathor the entity catcher gargathor  i will dispose of this danger with my magic thanks gargathor iam going to call my family and tell them I am ok meme

DID YOU KNOW AMERICAN VETERANS FOUGHT TYRANNY AT HOME IN THE BATTLE OF ATHENS In 1946, American WWIl veterans organized an armed alt and used rifles to overthrow brutal politlcians and police, in order to ensure honest elections. After authorities locked themselves in the local jail, veterans suspicious of foul play gathered weapons and exchanged fire from across the street. The authorities surrendered and the citizens of Athens, Tennessee set up their own government. Pretty soon people may not stand for things like that anymore. Hope those families find justice and that Americans never stop standing tall Pretty soon people may not stand for things like that anymore. Hope those families find justice and that Americans never stop standing tall meme

Svalues Results Economic Axis Social EQUALITY MARKETS, Diplomatic Axis Peaceful 28.3% NATION WORLD Civil Axis Liberal 164.3% LIBERTY AUTHORITY Societal Axis Very Progressive TRADITION PROGRESS Closest Match Social Democracy Ideological matching is a work in progress, and is much less accurate than the values and axes. Took some quizzes out of curiosity, here's Took some quizzes out of curiosity, here's 1 4 meme

Can cum while I'm shitting 2 Answers Ron Shipe, USMC ret pro gun, good guy. Answered 4 years ago Author has 494 answers and 2.4M answer views Uh, yeah, men can. Do not know about women, different plumbing you know. Besides, that's not something I've ever talked about with a woman. Ever. If you do come while shitting it's most likely to happen if you haven't gotten some in a long time. You are full, you know. Do not expect an orgasm. Expect something closer to a Prostate Massage except without the embarrassment. It's rather like the strain, or a large turd passing causes you to ejaculate. Doesn't feel good, doesn't feel bad, it just feels, Damn I need a girlfriend. Or, Why couldn't that have been a wet dream  Or, Why didn't I get a grip on my situation earlier memes

I Whatis the Chinese New Year Superstitions ha OMS and traditions. Superstitions add colour and flavour to the festive celebrations. Hov to ha have YOU ever wondered about the significence of these superstitions and myths Or tied re Search how these superstitions originated in the first place Here are some ions Watch your tongue No ghast stories, no fout language and certainly no unlucky words on New Years Eve, because it sets precedent for the rest of the year. Buying books no because the word Book is a homonym for lose in Cantonese. Reading however, is permitted. No cleaning please Cleaning on New Year's Day will sweep away luck so clean the house thoroughly before the New Year this also sweeps away bad luck from the last year Garbage and dust shouldnt be carried through the front

P.m. A Florida man called Flathead County authorities because he received an enormous electrical bill for his cabin in Whitefish. He believed someone was illegally living in the cabin and wanted the cops to check tt out. Law enforcement went to the man's property but couldn't find a cabin. The Florida man said hed deal with it in the spring meme

Exact match characteristic found only in 5% of the population delhianalysis.png 1.85 MB PNG I was browsing YouTube the other day and for some reason could not get this individual i spotted's face out of my mind. After stewing over the profile image for quite some time I finally realized what its signifance was to me. the image is a tit for tat match of the Delphi murder suspect from Febuary 17 2017. I do not know what to do with this information other than i have submited a tip to authoritys memes

The economic power of multinational corporations has become a threat to the political freedom of American citizens. There is no hard border be tween private and public authority how CEOs choose to govern their firms influences how voters choose to govern themselves. When Americans lack the material power to assert their liberties, the Bill of Rights becomes a bill of goods there can be no true right to free speech when every megaphone is owned by unaccountable elites. Therefore, to strengthen our democracy, the federal government must curb the prerogatives of private property. Or so conservatives have taken to arguing lately. Disaffection with capitalism has been growing on the right for years now. But Twitter's decision to ban the insurrectionist in chief and subsequent moves by Google, A