Time meme

Fig. 195 THe TRINITY OF ABSOLUTE EVIL. From a French Miniature of the xv cent.* anus, the genius or personification of Time, by a figure French manuscript in the Bibl. Royale, Histoire du Saint Graal. 24 CHRISTIAN ICONOGRAPHY. with one head and two faces. Their Janus Bifrons viewed the past with the face that looked backwards, and inspected the future with that placed in front certain of the Christian artists, inserted between these two faces that of the present,* as in the engraving subjoined. This little figure with three faces on one single trunk, eating and drinking to celebrate the commencement of new year, is in effect a Janus it is placed at the head of I the calendar, forming a frontispiece to the month of I January. But it is a Christian Janus or rather a perfected image of Time.