Ellie Grace icloud.com James Fridman tome Hi I have Muscular Dystrophy and can not straighten my arms. Can you make me look normal in my homecoming picture Thanks  Acceptance of your true self can be a constant battle. The term normal is a propaganda technique used by the modern society to make us conform to a pre existing standard. If people can not look past your physical condition, they are most likely not worth your attention. A pretty young girl with a genuine smile and beautiful hair is all I see in this picture memes

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Dan O'Donnell  DanODonnellShow While President Biden was attending ceremonies today, 8,000 Americans died of COVID 19 on his watch. Hey CNN, am doing it right I'm new to this. PM  Twitter for iPhone 0 td Dan O'Donnell  DanODonn Replying to DanODonnellShow And now he's holding a celebrity party with Tom Hanks while everyday Americans are suffering. Am I doing this right, WashingtonPost CN aas AM ODA ARA an memes