Itoy Anonymous No.8677314 my Christmas experience be me an 18 year old autistic kid who likes stuff animals tell my older brother about these round seal plush toys from japan KB JPG that are really cute brother probably not paying too much attention I assumed so I forgot I told him fast forward to December 25th brother hands me a flat package think it's a shirt or something I open it up I find a very flattened small version of the seal pillow I told him about I am very happy and tell him how much I love it thanks brother memes
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REUBEN STURMAN An American pornographer often referred to as the Walt Disney of Porn . Co founded Doc Johnson , a company producing and selling sex toys. 1924  1997 Fun Fact Sturman had problems with the authorities over the legality of his endeavors as far back as 1964. He was finally arrested in 1989 for tax evasion. 192 I memes