Anonymous No.845374686 I fuckeda trap and regret it meet than from discord we live near eachother hes a trap we get super close and start meeting 100 KB UP one night we start drinking one thing leads to another and we're getting handsy he goes to the bathroom to prep  he comes back, im diamonds I slide my dick in feels like a ring around my dick Start pounding away no wrap hes moaning eh it feels ok for me pull out my dick LITERAL WATERY SHIT ON MY COCK Shit has mixed with the Lube and is now leaking out of His ass it fills the room with a Strong smell of Shite He leaked poop all over my bed run to the bathroom to vomit *PUKE* my dick is still semi hard look down at it  oh my fucking god  tiny small bits of white string on my dick Tiny small bits of White String moving ALL OVER MY DICK kic
Fuck you noonnoon unstabledot dotbigpappa fuck you too nutcracker lookin ass with the tall hat get outta here british soldier headass i bet you boil your bread to make toast Lovecraft Sm I'm sorry to wake you, but that was hilarious Drippy Longstocking lovecraft gay i'm gonna let you cum on my thighs, goodnight Lovecraft meme
Saw quotes jigsaw quotes seeing a victim get out of a trap incorrectly hey stop that come on man  22 Jan 21 Twitter for iPhone saw quotes Hello Poop Shy Paul. For years you've tormented your coworkers with your 25min bathroom breaks, unbeknownst to them your average bathroom time at home is 4min. There is a bomb in your digestive system, before you is a crowded public restroom. Let's see how shy you really are saw quotes jigsaw quotes wow uh sorry my trap wasn't supposed to do that sorry im opening the exit now you can just leave im sorry saw quotes Hello Gerald. Sixteen weeks ago, you told a man he couldn't return his opened Nintendo Switch without a receipt. Now it is you who must find the key to your survival in this bowl of razor blades. It's kind of a loose metaphor but stick with me
Danielle in rags months ago How do i stop my trap beats from sounding like medieval music 350 GiveAward Share Report Save  ceteteay 9 months ago edited 9 months ago Take away the lutes 143 share Report save  danietie in rags 9 mo No 128 GiveAward Share Report Save meme
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