File Screenshot 20201229 212720 jpg 252 KB, 1015x1020 844760844 Til give you what started it ll Be me 22 Working as keeping one woman in her named Carol still pretty fit face for a 60 ylo but has dementia so her kids left her there I become friendly, I cover her up when she drops her blanket she knitted herself I warm her tea when it gets cold she starts calling me John not my name but roll with it because she got a little time left she tells me stories of her time at Woodstock and traveling the u.s ina VW van how fun it was, and how hammered her and her buddies got tells me about protesting Vietnam war her story's took forever to get through because she would always stop and forget where she was anyways it got to the point where she wouldn't take her meds unless John me, was there to give
Andy Kaufman Sought Out Psychic Surgery  YouTube Practitioners of psychic surgery are some of the worst hucksters on the planet. Psychic surgery is a holistic medical practice in which a so called doctor lays hands on a patient and, through a mix of theatrical movement, fake blood, animal organs, and other props, the patient is convinced they've been healed. This kind of mumbo jumbo only provides a placebo effect at best. In 1975, the Federal Trade Commission warned patients traveling to the Philippines for these operations that psychic surgery is a hoax. None of that stopped Andy Kaufman from pursuing psychic surgery as his last bet for wellness after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer in 1983. When an all natural diet and palliative radiotherapy couldn't stop the can