Blatant corruption how CCP China bed negotiate $40 Million investment ina bought Joe Biden's entire family Louisiana natural gas project Ye Jian Ming The founder and former West Chairman of CEFC Hunter Biden Co owner of Hudson West Dong Gong Wen Middleman Ye Jian Ming's subordinate Co owner of Hudson West IIT Ho Chi Ping Call Hunter through James before arrested Executive of CEFC Sentenced to 3 years for bribing African officials James Biden Hunter agree to represent to him on trial meme
The Trump The New York imes LIVE Trial Highlights Reporter Analysis What to Watch For in the Impeachment Trial on Friday Lawyers representing former President Donald J. Trump will state their case om Friday, A final vote could follow as early as Saturday. f v pp {I 16 Anonymous ID grTMpzrL 4chan 147433975  147437247 Direct Link ss Get the popcorn, Friday Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise. POTUS knows he must clean house govt in order to free up and demonstrate who has authority in order to pass important legislation. This was always the priority. Remember, AG Sessions cannot look like an impartial player that is out to get all former Obama team members as we need him for other important work. All will come into focus and for anyone to think POTUS is not in control is kidding themse
I will say this abiut US industrial policy as much as the left may be loath to admit it, the US military is one of the most innovative organizations in history. Most of the major US innovations thag ended ip driving massive growth the internet, GPS, lasers, semiconductors, etc grew out of military funded research programs like DARPA. If we want to restore US competitiveness that probably means a large increase in military spending meme
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Rob One of the problems with the industrial policy debate is that a lot of conservative economists, but some moderate economists as well, say, We do not want Soviet style planning, as if that were an alternative. That was never the alternative in the United States. The alternative was laissez faire, where the government didn't do much, but there was an active state that supports the private sector to drive innovation. If we hadn't had that state, I do not think we would have had a semiconductor industry the way we do now. We certainly wouldn't have had the internet. The internet was built out of defense funding. We wouldn't have had GPS. We wouldn't have had computer interfaces the way they are. Just go down the list it was government funding that played such a central role in all of that.
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The Latest Dems end opening arguments in Trump trial yesterday WASHINGTON AP  The Latest on former President Donald Trump's second Senate impeachment trial all times local  House Democrats prosecuting President Donald Trump's impeachment have wrapped p.m. up their opening arguments. Rep. Jamie Raskin implored senators in his closing speech to exercise common sense about what just took place in our country and find Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection. Raskin is the lead prosecutor for the House. He said senators have the power under the Constitution to find Trump guilty of having betrayed the oath of office the nation's founders wrote into the Constitution meme
Early stage trials of Johnson and Johnson's experimental coronavirus vaccine show it generated an immune response in nearly all volunteers, with minimal side effects, after a single dose CNN a few seconds generates promising immune response in early trial CNBC 8 minutes meme
The Three Basic Pillars of the Nordic Model Economic Governance Macroeconomic policies and industrial policies Markets Markets Organised Work Coordinated wage, collective agreements, local cooperation Cooperation Public Welfare Welfare state, income guarantees, free services and education, active labour market policies Markets Source Jon Erik Dolvik 2013  Grunnpilarene i de nordiske modellene. NordMod 2030 Partial Report 1. Never knew this before but Denmark, Norway and Sweden all have corporatist economies. Complete L of lefttards Imao  Never knew this before but Denmark, Norway and Sweden all have corporatist economies. Complete L of lefttards lmao meme
February 07 1881 Plea bargaining gains favor in American courts Albert McKenzie pleads guilty to a misdemeanor count of embezzlement in Alameda County, California. McKenzie had originally been charged with a felony for taking $52.50 from the sewing machine company for which he worked. However, rather than go through a trial, the prosecution and defendant agreed to a plea bargain, a practice that was becoming increasingly common in American courts. The right to a trial by jury was considered a central part of the justice system in the early days of the United States. The Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights codified it as an essential part of Americans civil liberties. When criminals were caught and charged, the government went through a trial and verdict. But in the 1800s, a trend towar
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Cope Speed God  There's literally 30 cases that is still active right now. And the judges in all of them refuse to move forward to the evidence. Texas brought a case to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court refused to look at it too. Pikachu Guy cause it'd be insanely stupid to even entertain the idea Speed God n Its insanely stupid to have fair trials where judges look at evidence that people have to offer Are you even hearing yourself Pikachu Guy This is how brainwashed these people are. Trump gets investigated for years but its stupid for courts to do their job.  This is how brainwashed these people are. Trump gets investigated for years but its stupid for courts to do their job memes