VP BUILDER SNBA MP ATTRIBUTE STARTING POTENTIAL Set Your MyPLAYER's POTENTIAL riving Layup Driving Dunk 25, Standing Dunk Post Control SHOOTING Mid Range Shot 25 80 Out of 95 OVR Three Point Shot 25 POS C I HT 7'0 I WT 252 Ibs I WS 7'9 Free Throw 25 Unlock Badge Points through gameplay to upgrade the badges in each category. Individual Badges become available as you meet Attribute requirements. Pass Accuracy 25 80 Ball Handle 25 57 Speed With DEFENSE Ball 25  mm REBOUNDING 35 POTENTIAL 13 POINTS 8 BADGE POINTS 18 BADGE POINTS POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL DEFENSE  REBOUNDING POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS Interior Defense 25 5 BADGE POINTS Badges Available Badges Available Badges Perimeter Defense 25 Aveilable Badges PHYSICALS 2 25 Defensive Rebound 25 Speed Acceleration
GUARDIAN PROPAGANDA RAG PRAISES MASS INVASION OF EUROPE AS JOURNEYS OF HOPE Contribute Journeys of hope what will migration routes into Europe look like in 2021 As a new year begins, so do the journeys of tens of thousands more people seeking a new life overseas. The Guardian has spoken to experts, charity workers and NGOs about the challenges and risks they face on the main migration routes into Europe memes
Care For A Joint With Your COVID 19 Vaccine cannabis reform activist group in D.C. has promised to distribute free weed at vaccine centers this spring if the shots become widely available. DC Marijuana Justice hopes the initiative, Jabs for Joints, will encourage more people to get vaccinated. If you get vaccinated for free weed will personally come smack the cannabinoid receptors out of you If you get vaccinated for free weed I will personally come smack the cannabinoid receptors out of you memes