Ge CONSOLIDATION 1983 2011 In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 In 2011, that same go . is companies controlled by 6 companies THESE SIX COMPANIES ARE bh VG GE NEWS DISNEY VIACOM TIME CBS Notable CORP Notable Notable WARNER Notable Properties Notable Properties Properties Notable Properties COMCAST Properties ABC MTV Properties SHOWTIME ESPN NICK JR CNN SMITHSONIAN PIXAR BET HBO UNIVERSAL WALL STREET PICTURES JOURNAL MIRAMAX CMT TIME FOCUS NEW YORK MARVEL PARAMOUNT WARNER FEATURES POST STUDIOS PICTURES BROS 60 MINUTES America is ran by Israel, China and like 10 corporations in trench coat  America is ran by Israel, China and like 10 corporations in a trench coat memes
It's a lot to explain but the SISEA bill and SESTA FOSTA lawsuit are really bad cause it's threatening to try and purge all forms of pornagraphic material on the internet, but that's not the actual bad part, the bad part is that if this goes through it's actually just another step forward of completely controlling and censoring the things we see online. They're merely disguising this as the case of we just want to protect children on the internet when, in fact this will most likely destroy our ability to freely use the internet and putting NSFW artists on the same level of human trafficking for drawing an uncovered nipple. it's the same case with how the last covid relief bill managed to slip in streamers potentially getting federal charges if they play music on their stream. realize that