Theuglycrv Posts UglyCrv 99 Honda CRV EX Bad paint Check Burns oil Check Slow Not as slow as it used to be Turbocharged 5 speed 208 95 Following Yea if you follow me for my car here is a better place to do so  Yea if you follow me for my car here is a better place to do so meme
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Subaru Impreza STi 1998 Front Engined All Wheel Drive 363 NM 268 FT LB TORQUE 1270 KG 2800 LBS WEIGHT 13.6S 24.9S 0 % MILE 0 1KM 2.2 Flat Turbo 276 HP 206 KW POWER 250 KPH 155 MPH TOP SPEED 5.3S different specs for most cars anyway, so the stats may not be 100% accurate. be difficult to find. I'm open to suggestion on researching some care you find meme
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