Welcome to Chapter 18.5 Please read the below for a quick ranot the new content you fin Fora full list of patch notes, please see com CHAPTER 18.5 PATCH NOTES CONTENT  Tome VI for The Archives will start tomorrow on Feb. 10th at 11AM ET The Gilded Stampede event will start the day after on Feb. 11th at 11AM ET  New HUD Layout  Several HUD elements have been moved or updated Clown Gameplay Update  Clown now has two types of bottles Tonic and Antidote. Reload time is now 3 seconds down from 5 seconds Clown Live Balance Killers The Trapper Escane rate  and  The Wraith Invisibility distance Visual Update  Visual.opS Gideon Meat Plant, Disturbed Ward  and  Father aW's Chapel , Self Heal fail animation, added hatch animation, he crawling KNOWN ISSUES Some tutorial and Ul texts show incorrect cha