US Navy Has UFO Patents It Says Will Engineer the Fabric ON 04 of FEB Reality 2021 ON 04 FEB 2021 SHARE PA Century Television The US Navy has mysterious UFO patents said to be capable of engineering the fabric of reality at the most fundamental level'. Over the past year, federal authorities have been relatively forthcoming with UFO data, sharing three declassified and thousands of other documents, readily available to download by anyone across the world memes

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Once pr eisappearance there is indicetion such Siggnt ing may be important from the viewpoint of security, scientific or technical value, or public interest, every attempt is made to obtain RELEASED IN FUL RELEASED IN FUL UFOs the additional information necessary before placing the report in this category. Another category is a catch all labeled Other. It includes missiles, reflections, mirages, searchlights, birds, kites, spurious radar indica tions, hoaxes, fireworks, and flares And finally, a sighting is considered unidentified when report apparently contains all the data necessary to suggest a valid hypothesis but its description cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomenon. Through 1985, 10,147 UFO reports had been disposed of and classified in one or another of the seven

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File Edit Format View Help 00212589 OCN 0057395 CF ter FBIS UNNiIviBERED FOR OFFICIAL uSE ONLY CLAS WCLAS  have psychotic breaks. UK U.S. Use of Psychic Spies* Reported Take 4 of 5. JRI 1D27a814i095 EaT FBIS Transcribed Text Lt recovered, and remains on active duty but Stubblebine retired from the Army in 1984 to become an executive at BDM Corporation a  tashington area defence and intelligence contractor. He left BDM a few years ago, and now lives in New York, where he is married to Rina Laibow, a controversial psychiatrist who has claimed that she is a UFO abduction victim. eut the damage had been done. Bert gave bad name because of all the other stuff he was involved in, says a former senior Pentagon official who knew him. And although the unit never left its offices at Fort Meade, by 1

Lightning Mck CNN Breaking News BREAKING Mysterious lights above DC in the early hours of January confirmed by the Pentagon to be UFOs Every time something cool is posted, I go to check the actual Twitter account and it's never there. This is fake news. Fake tweet. Every time something cool is posted, I go to check the actual Twitter account and it's never there. This is fake news. ^ Fake tweet memes

Populations of amphibians, including frogs and toads, have been plagued by disease and high rates of deformity. A recent study investigated whether problems among the populations have arisen due to poisons from chemicals associated with agriculture. Biologists from the University of Florida collected local adult cane toads Bufo marinus from more than 20 different locations. Toads were collected from areas close to agriculture both large scale and small scale farms as well as from suburbs. At collection sites where 50 97% of the adjacent land was farmed, males showed high levels of feminization. Feminized male toads were similar in color to females and had lower levels of testosterone and often also deformed gonads. These changes can lead to sterile males or changes in behavior that prevent