Despite its absolute beauty, the culture of France in its near modern entirety, save the tiny coves of villages in the pyrenees glorieux, is the result of a centuries old, top down, urban to rural, homogenization the very same urban to rural homogenization plenty of my fellow riatgoc pdigo types fear is happening in America. Despite France's successful enculturation of everything from romance to food, all that we see in and from France culturally is the result of a post ancien, yet undeniably aristocratic and totelisarian, uxbanite minarify. Totattesian Living repwblics aren't like their constitutions. Queq us voulez, faut ben durer The French repwhlics, as well as the Orieanists and Napoleons, over the course of two hundred years if that, controlled France's lower rural classes to such a
URDaN Type any word  x% TOP DEFINITION Wetter than an otter's pocket A pickup line, usually used by males from the 90's with a cool Mexican mustache and a good hentai girl moan imitation. They usually hit on young people's middle aged moms just like Katsura , regardless of how the old woman looks. Joe Yo, are you Jojoe's Mom Jojoe's Mom Why Joe Cause you smell wetter than an otter's pocket *very cool wink* Jojoe's Mom Omg marry me now by CoolMexicanMustacheLicker345 August 26, 2020 Here is today's urban dictionary definition  Here is today's urban dictionary definition memes
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