Listen up I'm sure you've all heard of the STAR WARS franchise that's worth over 70 billion dollars as of 2020 owned by Disney a company notorious for their jewery. So what do you say we make 770 KB JPG their pockets hurt by claiming the imperial flag as an emblem to represent us National Socialists and and landing it on the front page of the ADL. It's fitting considering George Lucas himself said the Galactic Empire was based on so technically it belongs to us anyway. Disney will have to pull billions of dollars worth of merchandise and remove any depictions of the flag in shows and games. This will be absolutely huge if we can pull this off. Let's fucking do this boys memes
Ll 96% 1,236 comments 33 They tried to stop the certification o DoubleDickDaniel 348 1 Will not matter and the other party has full control over whatever laws get passed and dont, that it not and democracy. That is a dictatorship. When a senator, marks all people of an opposing political party, enemies of the state that is a dictatorship. And if Biden and the house and senate, try seedor8809 silence nit just trump supporters, but conservatives as a whole, that is a dictatorship. And we could be looking at one even worse than that of noon Germ, politician's sianina nan reply to DoubleDickDani say something funny The most most rewards meme
I have been talking to this girl romantically for 2 months now. Our relationship is only online and we have never met. I just caught her appearing offline to avoid me. It's fine if she doesn't want to talk to me but why does she have to lie I do not have anyone to talk to and would really appreciate advice. Please help me meme
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Hours After Biden Inauguration, Federal U.S. Agents Use Tear Gas in Portland Protesters who spent months in the streets over racial injustice and inequality said they do not expect immediate change from President Biden, who they declared will not save us. By Mike Baker and Hallie Golden PRINT EDITION January 22, 2021 memes