TexanLiftertar Victorian commented I watch femboy porn on the regular and I'm not even remotely gay he's just wrong Average shit lib urbanism advocate nig lover Cannot even imagine being a minority on this app. Truly incredible what they become  Cannot even imagine being a minority on this app. Truly incredible what they become meme
Ihave a plan. inject me with the corona virus. If I die then all of your paranoid bulls is legit. do not pawn then you all are{ king deceived political Let's go Bring it ALASKA AS ONE Arequiem. To all my friends family and acquaintances. love you all passionately. My son. Timothy, daughter Victoria love ya more than life. All of you have added to my life and character of which am grateful. Currently I am in Providence Hospital ICU fighting covid complications. Each day my lungs are getting worse. may be on the ventilator tonight. That pretty much means the end. My body, heart and all else is healthy, just my lungs are dying. At peace. I know where I'm going to when it comes. I do hope all y'all know your truth too. Love everyone President Trump Fight the hood fight  Break down the lefts fr
Victorian BI Victorianlf In the future there will be no fat people Ow oe Lotus Drake Draelik RauniDee In the future, there will be no white Supremacists, they would have all died from sunburns with their bird shit colored asses Oh and it's the All Father not some father. You'll never see Valhalla bong an for an an idea Wtf is this lmao Wtf is this lmao meme
Conservative by Dan elOumbassV3 Victorian THULE ComradeTheD year eld consenvative bays telling single mother, ofthree, working hours a week, to just work harder Conservatives complain about real world problems while leftists complain about Situations they mace up in their head. Yea leftists complain about fake stuff like poverty while conservatives complain about real things like brown and gay ppl existing Yea I complain about fake stuff like brown and gay pol existing while Victorian complains about real things like me shaggin his mum look at my horse my horse is amazing give it a lick ooh tastes just like raisins I admit it a navajo got me finished hey yoo oo aa aa 00 hey heyoaoaoao aaayayaya eeee 000 heyyoyoyoyoyoy OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA TITTIES TITTIES  OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA TITTIES TIT
The lowest form of accommodation in Victorian England was access to bend over a rope for the night at the price of a penny. Usually used by drunken sailors who had spent all their money drinking. It's said to be the origin of the term Hungover memes
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Snowy Loey Loeybug G Ugh paid I know my right anyway mortgage with I bought the a money car my and fat ass paid my mortgage with the money my fat ass earned last year what did you get up to Victorian BI Victori The bar is so fucking low for women, one that looks like this is able to amass a following 47 74 1,905 Snowy Loey Loeybug omg on that note two new posts are up on Loey is creating photos and. I Patreon ts 27 So many white women in my mentions rn So many white women in my mentions rn memes
Day It's officially over. I declare war on Porn and Fapping. Both must be eliminated out of this world. Let's fight, and regain our mental clarity and testosterone. Ad victorian. You are a slave. A slave to your phone, to the internet, to PORN AND FAPPING. But no longer, no. YOU will start to wake up now boy. There's no imma start tomorrow now. You will never relapse again. The last fap u had and the last porn u watched Yeah, that's the last one in your entire lifetime. Os 5 Comments sorted by Best v Log in or sign up to leave a comment  MAQMuslim Totally agree. Now waiting for all those keyboard warriors who defend the porn industry to start rolling their comments in. vore Reply dalailama20 162Days Great message. Go brother memes
Secretary of the Treasury Attorney General Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Director of National Intelligence White House Chief of Staff Janet YellenI3 Merrick Garland Alejandro Mayorkasl2 Avril Ron Klai ff Director of the Central Intelligence Agency David Cohen Hhe Office of Science and Technology Policy Secretary of State Antony Wendy Shermar Wand Merrick Garland Deputy Secretary of State ecretary of State for Political Affairs Enc Lander David S. Cohen  Anonymous ID  YUGZKUND No.303844280  303843935  I just checked myself. Every single one is a jew. kl kl Check it yourself  Victoria Nuland Avril Hlaines Eric Lander David That's not a government, it's a fucking synagogue.  303844389   303844565   303844968  memes