Just got off the phone with my grandfather, the Vietnam vet who ended up doing a stint with the CIA during the 70's and 80's. I asked him about Iran Contra. He told me was apart of it. The only thing he said about the cocaine was that he assisted the Coast Guard in nabbing boats loaded with the stuff, but that his primary role was running guns to the Contras. He said he was aboard the USS Coral Sea, and they loaded up a bunch of helicopters which hauled a crap ton of guns to a Contra ship. He was told by his CIA overseers to not talk about what he just did and to not take any photographs. He may have been CIA but he is still a little Mormon Sagebrush Rebel at heart, and took photos anyways, photos he still has. I'll see if he can not send me a copy for me to post here let Stay jolly for De
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Oscar P. Austin fought in the vietnam war. Recipient of the Medal of Honor, while stationed in Da Nang. On observation post, his squad fell under attack by a large VC force. Tending to a fellow wounded Marine, Oscar saw a grenade roll across the deck. He selflessly threw himself on ma the grenade to save his squad mates. After the blast he crawled forward, bleeding heavily, he picked up his rifle and continued to fend of VC. he died of his wounds memes