You'll be drinking vodka straight sorry, no mixers or chasers, so casually put that bottle of Ocean Spray back in your bag  2. You'll be drinking vodka quickly shots, not sips  3. You'll be drinking it often. When Russians start throwing back vodka for the night, they tend not to deviate. Nov 28, 2014 me tonight  me tonight memes
Things in any Midwesterners Fridge *Milk 2% Vodka *Spotted Cow Beer Cheese Curds *7 Eggs from unknown poultry Half bottle of ketchup *Mountain Dew or any soda *Toast *The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald *Brett Favre *A glock with no magazine Jell O orange flavor Al Azif original text Corn *The souls of Ohio *Cool Aid red Johnsonville Brats *Kevin from work pays rent *Milk whole *Questionable food from Friday's leftovers *Magazine for a glock smothered in maple syrup Ope *Zuul Cream Cheese *Bagels Frozen Custard memes
Move VINNE memes, Ex Girlfriend Memes, The Ring Memes, звонок Memes, мартин хендерсон Memes, Martin Henderson Memes, Daveigh Chase Memes, Madonna Hung Up Memes, Wait For The Mix Memes, Av Memes, Best Memes, Memes, Ring Ring Ring Memes, Horror Scene Memes, Men Vs Women Memes, Alcohol Memes, москва слезам не верит Memes, Soviet Movie Memes, Vodka Memes, B Memes, Extreme B Memes, Girl Memes, Cute Girl Memes, Funny Girl Memes, Girls Memes, Girl Fails Memes, Funny Memes, Haha Memes, Omg Memes, Wow Memes, Wtf Memes, Subwoofer Memes, Subwoofer B Test Memes, Pretty Girl Memes, Beautiful Girl Memes, вот это действительно хорошо Memes, Move Vinne Memes, Music Memes, Move Memes, Police Memes, Mashup
Toxin memes, Bboy Memes, B Boy Memes, Bboying Memes, B Boying Memes, Bboyin Memes, B Boyin Memes, B Girls Memes, Bgirl Memes, Bgirling Memes, Dance Memes, Dancing Memes, Crew Memes, Style Memes, Foot Memes, Work Memes, Tutorial Memes, Break Memes, Breakin Memes, Freestyle Memes, Free Memes, Hip Hop Memes, Hip Memes, Hop Memes, Hiphop Memes, Culture Memes, Beat Memes, Gopnik Memes, Russia Memes, Adidas Memes, Bebado Memes, Wodka Memes, Vodka Memes, грязный Memes, рамирес Memes, сидоджи Memes, дубоshit Memes, Sid Memes, Ram Memes, Mashup
S Sparky  GOOD MORNING, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW MUCH VODKA GOES INTO SCRAMBLED EGGS 2 parts potato water one part eggs is pretty standard sir. Admittedly I sometimes sub an extra part potato water fro the eggs and call it good. A Message Delivered 123 space return memes