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Sam Wait bruh did we hang out last night Or was it the night before Last night How high are you Shit shit shit Not high went to the doctor today because I was feeling sick They just emailed me cuz I have swaloma and might have transmitted it to you What's swaloma Swafoma cum bitch iMessage Blocked memes
Lovecraft 2.4M total smiles memes ST SINCE You CE FUCKING BABY Cleverbot and 37 others Ohdear. That's literally my second birthday Wait a second when was Twitter made imagine being this young. subscriptions subscribers detinitely controversial inch people, but and probably gonna piss inch of people, but why can not people themselves in the Igbt community just keep it to themselves do not make being gay the only thing about your personality. keep in mind, this is most certainly a generalization. know there's people who're ike me who are in the lgbt community, but do not associate with it. and know not everyone acts like the dumb fucks you see in the news. but seriously, do not shove it down peoples throats. if you do this, stop wondering why people hate the igbt community. there's a ton of
Chewbacca has been around since Anakin turned to the Dark Side. Chewbacca has literally witnessed the whole Skywalker family fucking up the galaxy. When Ben was born, Chewbacca was probably just like can not wait to see how this one fucks up No wonder he's always screaming memes
Player We should rob the magic item shop Player Good idea, but not now. Wait until night. Knowing the OM he'll have the shop keeper be a retired level 20 fighter or something. The warforged night janitor who is also a level 20 fighter memes
1. Follow Captain's orders 2. Miscalculate tragectory, sending and launch the nuke nuke careening toward South Pole 3. Hopelessly wait out the end as humanity slowly drowns due to your own miscalculation Era Incident memes