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Legend of the Plague Doctor Anonymous Dress up as plague doctor. Walk down street to McDonalds. Enter, walk to counter. Hot biond giri turns around and screams. Put on deep voice.  DO NOT BE AFRAID, CHILD  Wave arms, leap onto counter. Kickover register and charity jar Raise hands into air  PURRRRIFFFFYYYYYYYYY  Manager storms in, appears angry  Moonwalk. Kick fat kid's McFiurry from hands.  You are fat. You need not this.  Tip hat to manager, jump from counter. Head for door, see girl from high school. She has fries, is staring with gaping jaw. Sprint to her. Grab her fries. slap her. Manager shouts, tries to grab hat, Spin around, slap him across face.  UNHAND ME, MALE OF BROWN SKIN  Sparta kick the door. Run out of store. Walk the dinosaur. Go home, leave without costume. Return to McDo
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