Incident Log In June 2005, an unrelated containment breach led to the collapse of a retaining wall at Area 12, where a brood of six instances of SCP 3168 1 were being raised for study. Five of the instances were killed when the wall fell on them however, debris from the wall was misidentified as having come from the sixth instance, which instead escaped into the wild. In December 2011, the instance conclusively identified by tissue samples and architectural matching was recovered 800km away, after it fell through river ice and drowned it was 8.5 m tall. Acquisition Log SCP 3168 was obtained from a raid on Marshall, Carter and Dark storage facility accompanying provenance documents showed that a former GRU P agent traded it to in 1998, in exchange for having his gambling debts forgiven. Foo

In his first day as President, Joe Biden fires 10,500 people who've been working on the border wall, and 12,000 folks who've been building the XL Keystone Pipeline. Including secondary support jobs, Biden is putting around 50,000 people on unemployment in his first day. Just the beginning. Hold on to your hats. Build back better didnt work out for those 50,000. Thank a democrat memes

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