My fellow Itunniers, today comes the choice for someone great jewish to come and fight the bigger enemy, the jews. Walt no thecrimsonchin, he's been a good friend but we're running against eachother because wanted too. If you vote me promise, my fellow chins will fight such as jews wait mean Vote me for 1985CrimsonChin jew mean furry free future. meme
That could've been us at Area 51 but noooo000 HIS FOLLOWERS Trump praised his supporters as very special and told them, We love you but also condemned the violence. Speaking near the Washington Monument before the riot began, Trump incited the crowd to storm the Capitol, began and thousands streaming that way, quickly began streaming that way, quickly wanted to participate to show politicians they should fear the public. I think it scares the heck out people that on a drop hat, all show up. It memes
OMG SAME  My 3 day year old child came up to me and said Father, fret no longer Thine evil that loomed ever so deviously ore our great nation looms no longer Today, we shall indulge in only our finest of wines in celebration to our newest leader May the gods protect him  Deann SoquiZ  deann soqui Replying to JoeBiden This little 5 year old is my grand daughter her name is Natalie. She wanted me to tell you thank you for being our President. This was her reaction to finding out you were now in charge and 45 was gone. I told her you probably woul memes
Wren  so that's about it. i have really liked you for a long time and i wanted to know what you think like i know we have talked for so long and we've hung out too much for me to just not say anything you do not owe me anything and i love being friends so i do not wanna impose but i just figured i'd let you know how i feel anyways yeah, let me know how you feel whenever you're down to let me know hey sorry no okay Read memes
This is the log of Inmate 40%. Today marks the 2,420th day on the Serenity Space Station, Eight years now. Today also marks me as the longest participating inmate in this program, Many other inmates have been up here, but they're all gone now, The original other nine who came up with me left couple years ago. Any other who had been sent up after us are gone too, They either left in the pods or killed themselves. Anyways, nothing new to report, so Inmate 404 out. He shook his head with groan as he finished his log, It had been the same thing for awhile now, With him as the only one left on the station, he never had anything to report. The last eight years had been great and was definitely better than serving life in prison, but he wanted something new. Some sort of 29, carrier, inmate parti
Would y'all still eat it masT an SCOTCH FILLET STEAK BEST BEFORE TOTAL PRICES PRICE jokezar My name was Chloe, I wanted to live Your Personal connor choice killed Your me I OF 33.00 DON'T BUY IT NET 0.578kg i would look for one with my name on it like those Coca Cola bottles memes
262  He had often observed the contrariness of human fate that let one individual participate in history out of ignorance a another fail to because of eagerness. Thus he believed that the greatest reason for not obtaining what one wished lay fm the desire to obtain. Because Honda had never want money, millions had come to him. That was how he thought. His inability ever to obtain any thing was not the result of any shortcoming or innate fla himself, nor was it some bad luck he carried with him. It we his habit to formulate everything into laws, to uni So it was no small wonder that he set out to circumven th. particular one. It was his manner to do everything by hi self, thus he could easily play both the role of legislator violator. In other words, he limited what he wanted to he could ne
Q. term limits to congress ALL NEWS IMAGES SHOPPING MAPS The lifetime limit of sixteen years total in either the House or the Senate was repealed by referendum in 2020. Prior to the 2014 election, the previous limits of three two year terms for House members six years and two four year terms for Senate members eight years applied . wiki  Term l Term limits in the United States  Wikipedia About featured snippets Feedback In case anyone wanted the term limits for House and Senate representatives.  In case anyone wanted the term limits for House and Senate representatives memes