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Silence Rick and Morty watcher Zuccinator 9 97 Why are you unsmiling what you fail to understand, to fear the unknown is to die a coward Zuccinator 1 So instead of fearing the unknown you make up idiotic fairytales that placate you and soothe your brainwashed dumbass. How embarrassing for you. ll wasr't the one that made it up, God did cringe Zuccinator Silence Rick and Morty watcher CH Zuccinator Yeah you're cringe. Please do not procreate. The world needs fewer retards like you init. ImAnAssholeForSayingThis That was a direct attack instead of an argument silly goose Zuccinator Read your original comment and realize you're a hypocrite and have no argument. imAnAssholeForSayingThis Correct me if I'm wrong but my argument was that God made up the fairy tales, please relax dude Zuccinator m