Facebook Scam  You're Facebook friends Facebook on You're friends on Facebook New Facebook Account Hey How are you Not too bad, how is California I'm fine. Where do you live area in 23 why live in California how old are you lam 21 years old I work ama florist and what to do with life and work, and you love to have really long conversations with con artists, and waste as much of their time as possible sethay can not be stealing other o money. Okay, thank you, good work what are you doing now Not much, just valuing honesty. Hbu lie on the bed in a bathing suit and I hurry upDo you like sex like sex.You want to see me naked in my bed  ww  What a proposition this is free ok do not worry are you alone now As far as I know. Why Does a sniper have a bead on me do not be shy it will stay between t

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And to my girls who go through similer, you aren't alone I I've watched a lot of my most inspirational sex workers. Go through. Or recently come out with some mental struggles. And I finally get it. It gets lonely. Most of the time bringing up only fans to non sex workers just means omg you make hella money which yeah. Cool. Some of us are blessed and do get to the point of being financially free. Or free from a job. But some days it's fucking hard. Like. Should I be normal Should I have a job other than what I'm doing. What's my future like. Am saving enough. Also like do not get me wrong. I absolutely love seeing new cities states and friends every weekend. I'm so lucky. But sometimes I'm like shit I'm always gone. Am losing my life long friends. What about potential partners that aren't

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COMICBOOK COM Jimmy Woos WandaVision Spin Off Imagined in Fan Made Marvel Poster It's cool Jimmy is getting love cause he's actually a good character. I would've hated if his Ant Man appearance was all he got.  It's cool Jimmy is getting love cause he's actually a good character. I would've hated if his Ant Man appearance was all he got memes

Posted by 6 months ago News Riichi Ueshiba is releasing a new manga  Author of Mysterious Girlfriend Flashback NEWs Iwas looking through the raws of Ookumo chan Flashback, and on the last chapter it read  Look forward to the new work of Daisengu chan Flashback Kan Ueshibal  Anyone know anything Any theories I was using google translate, so it may be off, but I'm rather excited. I assume it's a sequel I'd love more Mysterious Girlfriend x, but I doubt we're ever getting that. Scomments Share Save Hide Report 77% Upvoted memes