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Al Comments 1.4K RandomEastAsian 23 hours ago edited You know we may be racist but we will help the homie out whenever we can. Keep up the good work 118 RickDePickle 1 day ago Our army is slowly growing, one by one, we will take ov, oh hey didn't see you there. os BP Cursed 22 hours ago everyone in the comments are basically saying professionals have standards PP z Mr Keplink 1 day ago Wholesome, but do not let the little man download Funny. 655 E 24 24 REPLIES memes

Whats your biggest flex that you'll never tell anyone Q ORE 69 Awards I was in the grocery store and saw an older woman standing in the aisle comparing what was in her cart to what was in her wallet, obviously counting to see if she could afford everything. Based on her body language as she walked away I could tell that the answer was no. So I took a 20 out and walked up to her and said, Mam, when you were over there just a second ago this fell out of your wallet. I handed her the bill, and just walked away so she wouldn't be embarrassed if she figured out I was lying. I did hear her say thank you, so I half turned and told her you're welcome, have a nice night. It was only $20, but I think it made a difference to her, and that felt amazing meme

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Name Jamison Straus Age 22 Likes working, great photos, nature, tea Dislikes dark areas, not having his camera, lower class Jamison works as a personal photographer for the royalty of the Geoshin lands. He is the most skilled of his craft in the entire continent. He is know to be very formal and not take much time to himself. A secret skill of his is tea prep and painting. He enjoys his work and often travels around the world to capture photos for the capital. Recently he moved into the capital to work for King Daidus. His go to man for anything photographic or painting related. Jamison is very soft spoken and has even got a rumor about his writings as an aspiring worker. Rumors have it that Jamison was a famous writter before he became a royal errend boy. Jamison is a pan dom, soft and ca