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Savvy I'm absolutely losing my mind that credit scores weren't established in the US until 1989. We really are the guinea pig generations for all the bad boomer ideas Oe 112 7 Comments 62 Shares Like Comment Share Sarah Smith My mom told me how they got their first house with a reference letter from the priest of the catholic school she worked for With her first car her dad made a call to the bank in my tiny town and told the banker she'd be good for it THIS WAS THE 70's Like Reply The only reason I'm not driving a Maserati is because my credit is fucked.  The only reason I'm not driving a Maserati is because my credit is fucked memes

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The Arkansas Senate has approved a measure allowing medical providers to refuse to treat someone because of religious or moral beliefs, a move critics say will allow LGBT patients to be turned away. NEWS FORT SMITH  and  FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 1 Arkansas Senate OKs health care religious objections bill Like Comment Share and 250 others Most Relevant v What happened to you all being pro life memes

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Thinking abt immortality and how meticulously you'd have to keep track of all of your s*** so some nosy historian didnt spot your old journal or coat or copy of a book and call an infuriating time based finders keepers It's two hundred years old they say. It's essentially public property they say. It's a letter you sent to your friend and it's ina museum now and you're screaming galwednesday Why are vampire stories always I Want To Drink The Sexy Neck Milkshake and never two vampires texting about the passionate letter one wrote to the other in 1863 but never sent that the other just saw in the Smithsonian's fall exhibition on Love Through the Ages and what the f***, Claude, why didn't you say anything memes