Anonymous No.40721753  40721815  4072301 I've posted this before heading to Sprouts with a sick pump after the gym get a basket loaded with chicken breast, veggies and greek yogurt spot a qt that usually rings me out she's short, perky with a bubbly personality at best wouldn't tell anyone I hit it as I walk to her counter her eyes light up Heyyy it's mr macho getting healthy food again You look really big haha Think in my head for you say for you out loud As she's ringing me out she tells her life story her goals and dreams, wit  She Finally shuts up and says I hope you're doing good today Tell her I'd be doing better with her number She blushes and runs to get a pen Ask her when she gets off, I'll swing by then she's soaked at this point and tells me 9 As I walked out I instinctively cru
U. S. ARMY MODEL 1917 CALIBER.30 06 RIFLES   the Rifle Designed For Super Strength. Yo Old Hunter ic Virtually un FANTASTIC, bur TRUE, TRUE, TRUE You've for them and HERE they ore. Just in NRA, Very Good or Better All milled ports. for them ond HERE they ve. in {com al plete af the compass with still more Qreatert by the world's greatest volve bringer, EVERY one FEATURE billing, but all in ane ter your full selectian, your cheices now with prompt order. WINCHESTER AND LEFT HAND MANIACS ALL the tanaie STUPENDOUS ARSENAL CRACKED at THE FABULOUS ITALIAN TERNI MODEL 91. OMLY 510 BACK AGAIN ONLY BECAUSE ECAUSE OF POPULAR DEMAN ssl GARRIGALDY'S OREATEST TWer FAMED TOVY SNIPER intES THE SHORT FINNISH MODEL 29.31 ONLY with 50 Rds. looking not sheoting , ommo, ONLY Gal. Austrian THE 1960 OLYMPIC BI
Philip Crowther  Trump's lawyers are not listening to every word the impeachment managers are saying on the Senate floor. Indeed, they are not even present. Here's Trump's lawyer David Schoen waiting for a FoxNews live hit while tedlieu is speaking.   Twitter for iPhone 1,222 142 2,011 JASON RANTZ PRIME CROWD THROUGH A BROKEN WINDOW, KILLING 36 YEAR OLD ASH BABBITT OF SAN DIEGO Fox meme
OFFICIAL USE ONLY ROLL CALL RELEASE 416 September 2008 UIFOUO Triacetone Triperoxide as a Possible Homemade Explosive Texrrists could use the explosive TiacetoneTriperoide TATP , also refered as Richard peroride, in an atack an the United with In December the 2001, while shoe bomber Richard Reld wed to detonate Miami. an explosive device with TATP as the mtator while acetone abo acid. fom Paris to Miami. TATP ean be made fom hydrogen peroside, acetone and acid. These ingredient are commenly avlabe from drug sores, hardware stores, and lent o drug field testing ae apperace Coloies ore Adgiives can th of penance and bad winee fstoed Maybe ina closed ja, as may look osed Maybe sored in croce TATP ang pure TATP FOR Ghenical recarers Acetone ai pols emove. Hydropen peroxide dsnfecam, geat WiFOU
Al LTE PM   Private LEXICO woman NOUN women An adult female human being. a drawing of a young woman  More example sentences  Synonyms 1.1. female member of a workforce, t etc. thousands of women were laid o  More example sentences 1.2 with modifier A female person associated with a particular place, activity, or occupation. she was the first Oxford woman take a first in Physics  More example sentences for about Lzsmmore  Ask your all we PM   Private female female Pronunciation 2  'f mal  'fi, meil See synonyms for female Translate female into Spanish ADJECTIVE Of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguishe biologically by the production of gamet  ova which can be fertilized by male gametes. a herd of female deer  More example sentences 1.1 Relating to women or
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Ed Solomon Sea WHY I WILL LOVE HamillHimself FOREVER THREAD OF 4  When a friend's son who was, so tragically, dying from an incurable illness made a wish to meet Luke Skywalker, it fell on me the only person the dad knew who worked in the film business to make a call. BAG AM 157 Retwests 405 Likes On thar Cw 017 your reply Ed Solomon  ed solomon Replying to ed solomon HamillHimself Not knowing Mark, I called his agent and sxplained that this lovely boy watched Star Wars every day and wanted to meet NOT Mark Hammill, but, rather, the actual CHARACTER that he played the boy's own mental state had devolved past the point of being able to grok that. Dw On Ed Solomon mon Luke was fictional . The agent begrudginaly said he'd call Mark, but also said not to get my hopes up. 90 seconds later I got
Con Home CBR Exclusives Sailor Moon Could Beat Dragon Ball Z TL4DR Sailor Moon Could Beat Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku Yes. Really Few anime characters are stronger than Dragon Ball Z's heroes, but Sailor Moon could take on Goku and win. BY ANTHONY GRAMUGLIA JUL 20, 2019 trach CRD memes