A gang that has been known to cannibalize literally eat people and murder women and children, drinking blood now has the same equipment as the US military and has professional armored cars. A gang turned into a Paramilitary that has committed every single crime, now is unstoppable due to Chinese brokers. This is right under our nations feet, these cartels used to be firing weed over the border from a cannon ARE NOW MAKING METH IN EUROPE. They are global, this is our problem Many of the Cartels are now organized with global connections to poach endangered animals and traffic women and children into sex trade, before that was only a small few Now it's all. This all happened last year memes
NIH National Library Medicine of Medicine Pu pled.ZOVv Q Advanced Urbanisation and incidence of psychosis and depression follow up study of 4.4 million women and men in Sweden Kristina Sundquist et al. Br J Psychiatry. 2004 Apr. Show details Full text links Cite Abstract Background Previous studies of differences in mental health between urban and rural populations are inconsistent. Aims To examine whether a high level of urbanisation is associated with increased incidence rates of psychosis and depression, after adjustment for age, marital status, education and immigrant status. Method Follow up study of the total Swedish population aged 25 64 years with respect to first hospital admission for psychosis or depression. Level of urbanisation was defined by population density and divided int
Lauryn Brison February Fallon, a transgender MMA fighter, has now broken 2 female opponents skulls. When is enough, enough You're essentially a man who's beating on women and people are celebrating it she was named Bravest Athlete in 2020 . I said what I said meme
File elfi7775c84fdef7214582630  109 KB, 652x938 Anonymous No.845379317  845379526  g45379771  845279031  345380187 If you are over GR it is your duty to never date woman under Purge the Womanlets Be me 62 Primarily date women about Sf10 or above no specific reason, just wound up that way  52 girl comes along End up making fugg and then dating Absolute hellspawn, massive entitlement complex, full napoleon syndrome, abusive etc Vow to never date anyone under my height again Take the tallpill brathers, along with the annihilation of the short race we can also do our duty and help our manlet brathe memes
My best friend fem Anonymous Yesterday 59240366 My best friend female told me that pic related is more attractive than 99% of males. She also said that most women prefered smooth, lean bodies with pretty boy face more than any other type of guys. Now tell me fit. Why should I bother lifting 81 REPLIES Anonymous Yesterday 59240379 Yes, life is very sad, have you tried killing yourself 4 REPLIES meme