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I have three ideas in these rps i will be playing dorm male or scenes . People who play sub female only please. First scene i am the bodygaurd of the princess appointed to being the head gaurd so that i over see almost everything the princess gets to do. With this power of course came corruption. This scene would be a more of a forced rp or tricked into sexual stuff idea. My only limits for all of the rps will be gore vore and lots of blood Scene two A monster filled rp where you are lost in the woods after waking up in this new world. Now with knowledge from your own world you have to find a way to not only survive but also adapt to this new world with out being killed or eaten by something or someone This scene will have monsters as the main males in it Meaning for this scene you have to
$50.00 REWARD The. above amount is offered by a client of this Agency for information leading to the whereabouts of ALBIN JOHNSON DESCRIPTION Age 43 years height 6 feet 3 inches weight 240 pounds hair dark, turning gray blue eyes. Large hands, very strong, typical farmer and woodsman. Blue overalls over dark suit and woodsman's cap. He disappeared from Harris, Minnesota. April 10, after his home was destroyed by fire and his wife and seven children were burned to death. He has worked in Saskatchewan, Canada, and may again attempt to enter Canada. Has little money and may seek food and shelter at relief stations meme