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The Horsemen4cx Last live January 13 We play games such as Gta 5, The Divison, Grounded, and other such games. We are two idiots with Xboxes. 7 followers My Twitter Home About Schedule Clips CRAFTING YOU oft, SS Past Broadcast Ark Survive The Stupidity The Horsemen4 2 Views 1 week ago will be going live at 10 am CST please give me a look and if not thank you for taking a moment of your time meme
Jllowing Browse sports Music Games Mods Search 38 ALA STREAM CHAT streamElements is now livel St Twitch Welcome to the chat room  cptmorgan gaming Ranked chat with me 11558 About cptmorgan gaming  Xbox Console Gamer that enjoys all f different games from Rainbow Six to Minecraft to memes
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This Day in Halo January 20th, 2536 Olympia Vale was born on the Inner Colony of Luyten. She was a child prodigy with an extreme level of innate skill in languages. At age eleven, her parents divorced and her mother, a recently promoted captain in the UNSC, was reassigned to High Command. As Vale and her mother left Luyten aboard a shuttle headed for Sydney, Australia on Earth, the slipspace drive malfunctioned. Their projected six day trip turned into a six month journey back to human space during which they had to dodge Covenant. Vale annoyed the adults aboard the shuttle with endless questions until she was simply ignored by them and left to her own devices. She decided to listen to recordings of the Sangheili's language to pass the time, and she compared them to some Al translations. O
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