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WEAPON CONTAINMENT DEVICE INSERTED VERIFICATION TECTED CONTINUE I Quiz 859 SPDR is an automated program incorporated into UNSC Als to assist with repair if it is too damaged to do so by itself. By late September 19th, 2559, John 117's GEN3 MJOLNIR armor implemented SPDR as part of its internal software package. This program was seemingly included in the armor to defend against hostile Als of the Created. What does SPDR stand for meme
By the time of Halo Infinite, the Banished has control of Zeta Halo and has seemingly defeated a UNSC fleet in a space battle. Thus, the Banished most likely still has a fleet of warships in orbit over the Halo, which would explain their drop pods. Halo Shadows of Reach shows that they make use of customized Covenant ships, but they also use Brutes designed ships. These aren't the only original vehicles that they use. Blisterbacks in Halo Wars 2 are one of these original Jiralhanae designs. The Banished will also make use of heavily customized Covenant vehicles, basically just more armor and beefy weapons. Would you like to see any completely new Jiralhanae designed warships in Infinite Maybe the Karve from Shadows of Reach. How about up armored Covenant ships Are there any certain classes
Jllowing Browse sports Music Games Mods Search 38 ALA STREAM CHAT streamElements is now livel St Twitch Welcome to the chat room  cptmorgan gaming Ranked chat with me 11558 About cptmorgan gaming  Xbox Console Gamer that enjoys all f different games from Rainbow Six to Minecraft to memes
This Day in Halo January 12th, 2496 Operation CHARLEMAGNE was initiated by the UNSC in response to the Insurrectionist attacks on the Outer Colony of Eridanus II. In June of 2494, Colonel Robert Watts had joined the Secessionist Union and rallied a number of other groups against the UEG. With carefully orchestrated terrorist attacks, assassinations, and kidnappings, Watts was able to topple the planetary government. By the beginning of 2495, Eridanus II was effectively under the complete control of Watts and his Insurrectionist military. Due to the escalating Insurrection across much of human occupied space, the UNSC finally responded on this day in early 2496. A UNSC battle group arrived at Eridanus II and managed to defeat the insurgent fleet at the cost of only four UNSC destroyers. Wit
PHASE 1 JANUARY 21 31 Orange Teammate Team Red Teammate Jan 21 23 Jan 24 26 Jan 27 29 Jan 30 31 Watch 3hours I ours Any streamer that has enabled Twitch Drops on their channel v. w $1.2021 Orar Red 1.2021 Teal 1.2021 rs Wate ours PHASE 2 FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 15 Feb 6 8, 15 16 pack every 8 hours Charm Program streamers PHASE 3 FEBRUARY 14 GROUP STAGE FEBRUARY 17 20 Tpack every Feb 9 14, 17 20 hours Feb 1 2 Feb 3 4 Feb 5 6 Feb 7 8 every Watch 4 hours Watch rs Watch 4 hours Watch 4 hours. Specific Ubisoft selected streamers participants TBA GameI $1.2021 Feb 19 Feb 20 every hours Tune on date Tune mondate I Tuneinondate Tuneinon date Official broadcasts on the Rainbow Six channels Link your Twitch and game accounts at PHASE 4 FEBRUARY 21 Feb 21 Feb 21 Tune dare Tune in at specific occasions for
How many Americans have you killed today There is no difference between what is right and what is necessary. If you were a better person, you wouldn't be here. It's time for you to wake up. Squad commands are unavailable when you're alone. No one can help you now. You are still a good person. Can you even remember why you came here This is all your fault. Do you feel like a hero yet To kill for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. To kill for entertainment is harmless. White phosphorous is a common allotrope used in your slaughter at the Gate. It can set fire to soldiers and the innocent civilians they are trying to help. It's Konrad. He did it. All of it. Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two conflicting ideas simultaneously. You cann
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