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So sad. You can look at this trailer and tell it was pretty current, but did the math and in 73 your Grandfather would've only been 36, back from Vietnam and previously under aged in Korean War. By the time I came around I only remember him as a 40 something ner who with stress seemed 10 years older, but I was a child so what did I know 40 from 55 1972 MOVI Eve GLOCKWORK ORANGE memes

The WWE scene as one of the hot test fans had ever laid their eyes on. But no one could have ever imagined how ambitious this Canadian Diva really was. Not content to remain Just another pretty face at ringside, Trish hit the gym, and hit it hard. Now, after years of dedicating herself to the ring, Trish has emerged as one of the toughest female competitors to ever lace up a pair of thigh highs. Yet, no matter how much of a gamer he may be once the bell rings, Trish remains one of the most smokin Divas of all time as well. In fact, her athletic prowess is very much a part of her sex appeal, which is why when it came time to do this year's pictorial, there was only one possible setting the aym memes

Be me been eating huge ass hamburgers from local stores for only 1$ you could eat one and be full for the whole day 37KB 2 years heard that a McDonald's store has been opened in my country oh cool just like in the movies, they might be good travel to the only mcdonald's order eat it, tastes amazing see recipt 15$ mfw i wasted the money for the whole month memes