**For those who do not know cbuchman99 In my department and in most others, K 9s are tools not officers. They are one step below lethal force. If they are being attacked, it is not justified to use deadly force against the aggressor to defend the dog. This is taken from my departments policy. General Hawk hope a niggher shoots you in the head. Or better, I hope you shoot some niggher and is niggher ghetto friends find you and your stupid ass family. I hope your wife and daughter if you have one get noond in front of you while you struggle to stop it but are helpless. ChicagoHuntsmen Do me a favor, make ChicagoHuntsmen Pay for that and insta blocking me. Do as you wish  Do me a favor, make ChicagoHuntsmen Pay for that and insta blocking me. Do as you wish memes
ANGEL'S TRUMPET FOLKLORE Legend says that on Samhain night the Arddu leads the Wild Hunt, capturing lost souls. Should you find an Angel's Trumpet tree in bloom on that night, you will hear its flowers trumpet the start of the hunt. Cover your ears and run inside, least some panicked spirit escape into you to avoid the Hunter. If an Angel's Trumpet is fragrant during the daytime, it means that someone nearby you has died. Under the influence of this scent, you may see his or her ghost meme
ScarF OF CONTEMPLATION Wonderous item, legendary requires attunement by monk This cloak trails off into nothingness, scemingly taking on an ethereal quality when viewed atthe right angle. It allows for onc's mind to resonate with the planes, and one's soul tobe at peace. Precise Strikes. When you take the Attack action and only make attack. unarmed attacks, you can make one additional attack. Widened Mind. You gain blindsight out to 10 feet. Master of Self. Your ki save DC and your maximum number of ki points both increase by 2 Rapid Decoherence. When you take the Attack action, you can teleport up to 10 feet before each attack to an unoceupied space you can see Art Crepit Red CLoaked Fighter by Lisa Marie Sorensen memes
Black Women WIG How do black men grow up with a single mother, but not show respect for black women  Easy the same way a child grows up in poverty, understands how dysfunctional  and  stressful an environment it creates, and wants better for himself as an adult. If you want to change this, learn to shut our ****ing mouths, lose your egos, and play your meme