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Tracklist for Star Trek's Night x13, J J Abrams, Music Amazing Like, Sci Fi, Radio, Music, 13 Peeping Tom Mojo, 12 The Rolling Stones Satisfaction, 11 Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch, 10 Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do, 9 And Kid Frost Like A Boss, 8 Yello Oh Yeah, 7 The Answer I Fink You Freeky, 6 Kevin Rudolf Everyday I'm A Star In The City, 5 Martin Garrix Animals, 4 Queen We Are The Champions, 3 Lovage Book Of The Month, 2 Gunther Ding Dong Song, 1 Lmfao And I Know It, Startrek, Star Trek, Kirk, Chris Pine, Star Trek Into Darkness, Movie, Mashup